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"A very valuable and important book. As I think of the mothers who have called me over the years, I wish I'd had this resource to recommend. Any mother who is struggling to help her daughter will find Loving Our Addicted Daughters to be a gift."
Stephanie S. Covington, PhD., author of A Woman's Way through the Twelve Steps

"This compassionate and invaluable guide will aid parents as they set out to support their addicted daughters on the journey to recovery and healing."Publishers Weekly, July 2015

"An essential addition to the literature." Library Journal , July 2015

Central Recovery Press, June 2015

The first book that gathers the cutting-edge gender-based research into addiction and recovery for women and their loved ones.


Sometimes I feel I am those characters and the slide downward
is mine. I almost inhabit their world. A compelling and captivating
five star read. Laurel-Rain Snow

Especially for those of us who came of age in NYC in the late 60's
and 70's. She has so beautifully captured what it felt like in so many
different ways. Jon Bates

In this new century's second decade, a growing fascination with the
Manhattan low-life of the 1970s is emerging...A significant new
contribution to this genre is Cleans Up Nicely, sequel to
Gringa in a Strange Land. Nino Avante

Takes you on a wonderful journey with Erica and will have you
wanting a third Erica Mason novel. L. Laskey


Not only a love affair with art, men, alcohol, drugs and jazz in
the swirl that was the downtown scene in a radically-evolving era
in New York, but also a resurrection from addiction and self-delusion.

Randolph Hogan, formerly an editor of The New York Times
Book Review

A pitch-perfect picaresque tale of love lost and found, talent
squandered and reclaimed, friendship forgotten and redeemed,
set in gritty 1970's New York. At the center of the maelstrom is
an artist, Erica, whose will-she-or-won't-she heroine's journey
meanders through Manhattan's uptown art and literary scenes,
downtown dive bars, and Harlem salsa and jazz salons. It all adds
up to a creative cliffhanger that keeps us hooked till the surprising end.

Joan Duncan Oliver
Author, most recently of The Meaning of Nice