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Scandinavian crime novels: Si o no?

January 5, 2012

Tags: detective books from Scandinavia, crime novels from Scandinavia, grey void, well-wrought

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Like so many other millions of readers, I've gotten hooked on the Scandinavian detective/crime "genre." I admit I felt a bit of "ethnic pride." Like the Puerto Rican Day parade for that island band, the outpouring of writing by Norwegians, Swedes, Icelanders, even the odd Dane and Finn, made this "Dahl" (Norwegian, father's (more…)

Two "old" movies I loved in 2011

December 26, 2011

Tags: movies about passion, intelligent erotic love stories

And the movies are...(drumroll): "Carrington" and "Lust,Caution."
"Carrington" is a great and very peculiar love story: between straight painter Dora Carrington and gay writer Lytton Strachey during the dying idyll of the upper-class (and bohemian) Edwardian England of hyper-refined sensibilities and hyper-groomed flower gardens. Emma Thompson works at the top of her (more…)

Magical thinking and cancer

December 9, 2011

Tags: mythologizing disease, cancer as an ogre, acceptance is the battle

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Can you get cancer even if you
a)eat lots of leafy green and orange vegetables
b)are not overweight
c)exercise regularly
d)drink alcohol very moderately or not at all?

Yes, you can. I did.

Does receiving treatments for cancer equal "battling" or "fighting" cancer?

No, not in my book. Cancer has (more…)

Sorry: I was diverted from blogland by the big C. I'm back!

November 27, 2011

Tags: cancer, treatment, feeling human again

I haven't even thought about the blogosphere for months until now. That's because I got hammered with a resolveable health "issue," namely a teeny-tiny little lump of what turned out to be early-stage breast cancer. Besides the napalm-like treatments (me being the forest) that feel like your bones are being sucked dry because your (more…)

Some reviews of Gringa

October 12, 2011

Tags: reviews of <I>Gringa in a Strange Land</I>

some links to reviews of Gringa:


Why I write about addiction - isn't there enough already?

June 9, 2011

Tags: addiction, addiction still not well understood

Ready to levitate? I wish
You'd think so. Yet how often you read or hear about someone crashing and burning, even dying. Then a brief mention: "Oh yes, he/she also drank/drugged a lot." Oh, right: that. As if it was a separate compartment to the personality. In fact, addiction aka substance abuse aka chemical dependence (pick your poison) permeates everything else. Why do I say this so confidently? Because I know. Because I was one. Because I'll always be one, even with 37 years of sobriety.
Many writers have written novels with addictive protagonists - my favorites are Malcolm Lowry's the Consul in Under the Volcano and the Jean Rhys books. But these characters were written from the inside, as it were, by alcoholics who didn't know the other side - sobriety. In Gringa in a Strange Land, I write about Erica Mason, a young artist in the early l970's living in Mexico and struggling with addiction. Then in Cleans Up Nicely, I take her to New York and the other side, the roller-coaster of early sobriety. Having been on both sides, I hope the reader will get the full picture of how, grossly but also subtly, substance-abuse infects body, mind, and spirit. And what a strange new land sobriety is for those who first land there.

Bring it on, Sir Vidra

June 8, 2011

Tags: women writers loathed

A man who writes angelically
A man who lives diabolically
The writer's eye and ear in perfect tune
The writer's life cacophony

The vastness outside explained
Inside, a wasteland

This, to me, is V.S. Naipaul

Nice award for "Gringa"

March 2, 2011

Tags: award, best creative writing

Gringa in a Strange Land received the Writers in the Sky Award for the Best Creative Writing of the Year 2010. I am so pleased.

one-minute video about Gringa

December 20, 2009

Tags: video on Gringa in a Strange Land; trailer about Linda Dahl's new novel

"Gringa" video now available on youtube and on:

Let me know what you think!

Why I Love Book Titles

October 6, 2009

Tags: About Gringa in a Strange Land

I have a long list of book titles for books I will
probably never write, each a little egg in a shell. Tough
little coating, holding all those stories, all those
people. Very often the content of a book seems squeezed out of that shell, the title forces a certain attitude
toward the story. (more…)