Selected Books

"Finishing this novel is like awakening from a dream of Mexico that felt so vividly real."
Biography of a Great American/Woman/ African American Artist/composer and pianist
"Stunning character...{Mary Lou} Williams has found her writing soul mate in Linda Dahl and the engrossing result is Morning Glory." - Gene Santoro, The New York Times Book Review
Biography of a Gifted Writer and Interpreter of the Great American Songbook
The secret life and tragic death of a great American songbird. "{The book} is vivacious, tender, saturnine, industrious and deeply intelligent." - Leon Wieseltier, The New Republic
Complete and In-depth Analysis of Women in Jazz
“The definitive work on women in music – an incredible job of research.”John Hammond. "For anyone who loves jazz, this is their book." Los Angeles Times
Short Stories about My Favorite Part of the World
The main character is Latin America itself: tragic, lush, violent, romantic. "A wonderful group of stories." Danbury News-Times
Collection of essays
Includes my essay, "Equal Time"
Extensive selection of writing about jazz, edited by Andrew Clark
My essay about great jazz vocalists, male and female Linda Dahl